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Our teachers and staff at NICE wish to recognize and congratulate the following students for exemplary attendance in the 2022 / 2023 program year:

Online Students with 100 hours or more of attendance:

Agaiby, Magda
Ahmed, Nuria
Assil, Fatana
Benavidez, Angelin
Benavidez, Claudibell
Diaz, Deisy Desiree
Dominguez, Rosa
Gendy, Samia
Gungor, Haryiye
Hassan, Chnoor
Hayes, Yuliia
Kamariza, Alice
Karas, Alona
Leonett, Annelys
Mikhaeil, Mina
Mikhaeil, Sozan
Nikolenko, Iuliia
Primero, Deysi
Siddiqui, Mary
Stepaniuk, Natalia
Troccoli, Elizabeth
Valdez, Nuris
Mung, Kam

Online Students with 200 hours or more of attendance:

Bovtyk, Nina
Bovtyk, Viktor

Online Students with 300 hours or more of attendance:

Babikir, Zahraa
Mahmoud, Naseema

The Adult Education team is so proud of their dedication, hard work, and determination to attend classes each week. We believe that our students are paving the way for their continued success, the upliftment of their families, and the wellbeing of our community. We salute them in their studies and encourage all students to keep learning English!